Here at Crafty Suffolk we would like everyone to be able to enjoy their crafty side whatever their background is, their ability is, their age, their gender, with or without a diagnosis, we believe everyone should have the chance to explore, to be a part of something to gain confidence and to be supposed in a safe comfortable environment. Rain or shine, Unit 21 at Stonham Barns will always open their door to people to relax and maybe even socialise.

For those with a career or individuals simply looking for some time out to enjoy themselves, it’s never too late, with the support of family stuff, we are here to encourage and support or maybe even just listen, we understand everyone's needs are different. If you fancy popping in and joining in on the fun, don't be shy please do, we'd love to meet you. For more information on what we offer, check out my Facebook page, there is always new and exciting event's happening.

What we offer
With the different variety of fun we do here at Crafty Suffolk you will truly be spoilt for choice, please feel free to pop in to use our wonderful materials such as - card making, painting on paper or canvases, drawing, making jewellery, wooden craft decorating / painting, canvas designing, book mark making, glass panting, ceramic painting, mosaic crafting and many other arts and craft's ideas always happening, the fun never stops.

Also we offer ...
Personalised keepsake baby, anniversary, wedding, memorial and birthday plates and personal box frames

Half term Adult and children sessions to keep everyone busy and in a routine, please see our Facebook page for information. We have bookings available for chat and listening sessions. If you feel you would like to chat and open up about something, this is a safe time and place to do so please get in touch for more information.

We are always welcoming new volunteers to join us, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us at Crafty Suffolk we'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch via our Facebook page, email or phone number, and well get back to you soon as we can.

If you would like to book a party or need more information please get in contact and we'll get back to you ASAP.
Term times... Parties can be hosted any week day from 4pm - 6pm
School holidays & weekends
Saturdays 12 noon -5 pm
Sundays 12 noon - 4pm
We host a party for up to 12 children at one time. All the crafts we offer are suitable from 3 plus years. £12.50 per child.

What's included ....
The venue decorated and booked for the hour and half.
Party invitations
Unlimited squash for the children
Hot beverages for the mum & dad of the birthday child.
A Party game.
Party bag for each of the children at the end with a balloon, small gift, sweets and an extra little gift for the birthday child.
A children's hand print tree. All the children would of printed their hands at the beginning of the party for the birthday child as a keepsake.

Regular Event's....
Each week we run regular arts and crafting events for everyone to enjoy.
Monday ... Coffee morning 10am - 12 noon .... open sessions everyone welcome. £1 fee
Every Monday we open our doors to our coffee morning, because this is an open session anyone can come along enjoy a chatter as well as bringing their own project to work on and craft along with other crafter's at the same time, enjoying refreshments which can be purchased if required.

Tuesday ... Board games and puzzles. 12- 2.30 pm ...£1 fee open sessions everyone welcome. We here at Crafty Suffolk believe Tuesday afternoons are a great excuse to get the board games and puzzles out. If you enjoy a game or a challenging puzzle feel free to join us. Refreshments can be purchased if required.

Wednesday ... Adult colouring. 11am - 1 pm .... £1 fee open sessions everyone welcome
The midweek feeling can come over most of us, so here at Crafty Suffolk we are offering pure relaxation and enjoyment of adult colouring. Pencils will be ready, pile of colouring books wait for you to join us. Refreshments can be purchased if required.

Thursday ... Fun with paint. 12 noon - 3 pm ... prices independently priced. open sessions everyone welcome. We would love for you to pop in for an afternoon of painting. Discovering a fantastic range of supplies to paint .... porcelain money boxes, animals, vases, glass to stain, canvases, cards, paper and lots more.
There is also a chance for a personalised keepsake plate to be purchased, or your own design for fun to take home the same day.

Friday ... Drawing. 10pm - 12noon... £1 fee open sessions everyone welcome. With have a variety we offer here at Crafty Suffolk, we welcome you before the weekend starts to join in on our morning drawing session. If you are experienced drawer or feel this is something you'd like to give a go, this is your chance. With a wide range of materials, we'd like you to explore and release the artist inside of you, we would love for you to join us, refreshments can be purchased.

Saturdays ... Junior Crafty sessions. 10am -11am ... £5.95 ... 5 - 16 years. Our one hour junior sessions have a fantastic range of activities giving your child the perfect opportunity to bring out their imagination and nurture their creative side. Price includes what they make and to take home, a drink & snack while adults can relax and purchase refreshments while they wait.

Sunday ... Seasonal arts and crafts. 10 am - 12 noon ... open sessions everyone welcome
Prices vary .... We believe here at Crafty Suffolk Sundays should be a day of pure relaxation, a day of slowing down and taking it easy. What a better way to do this by creating seasonal arts and crafts using the variety of wonderful stock that's supplied to you to enjoy. A chance to have fun and be around like minded people. Season's are always changing so there is always new and exciting gifts, keepsakes to be made and taken home the same day for you to enjoy.
Be great for you to join us, refreshments can be purchased if required.

Inspirational Speaker ... Booking advised ... 18 years plus. £5 including a hot drink and a biscuit.
The last Friday of every month, we're holding an inspirational speaker sessions between 6 pm - 7.30pm for individuals to share their experience with yours. This is an exciting opportunity for people to listen to amazing stories from extraordinary everyday individuals. They would like to share their stories with you because we all understand we all have different paths that have taken us on different journeys. The highs and lows, the fun and challenging bits that have brought them through it all. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at the end. Each month will be a different speaker, keep an eye on our Facebook page for details. Bookings are advised as spaces are Limited. For more information please get in contact, many thanks.

Open times .... 7 days a week. Will be the same as Stonham but Wednesday's till 7pm.

Early evening one hour slots available every Wednesdays between 4pm - 6pm for individuals who can’t make the day sessions as we believe everyone should have the opportunity to assess our services. For individuals service users or small groups. Booking slots ... 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. Private from the public, refreshments can be purchased. Please message for more information.


Contact Information

Phone : 07894 520012

Email : [email protected]

Address : 
Crafty Suffolk
Stonham Barns,
Pettaugh Road,
Stonham Aspal,
IP14 6AT